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Gabriel of God, THE son of Tere

 I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and art teacher. I studied composition and I have studied violin, guitar, piano, and trumpet.
Since I was a child I have dedicated myself to learning and practicing different genres of traditional Mexican music such as huapango, son jarocho, sones mariachi, son montuno in the Veracruz style and Guerrero-Calena music; I am also a musician with ancient Mexican instruments such as the huehuetl, the teponaztli and the quiote trumpet.
I live in a small rural community where I learn to plant as my grandparents did and I teach the children to play as they taught me.
I like to compose concert music, popular music, traditional and with old Mexican instruments. I like to sing and look for poetry in my song. That is why I like to have roots, a voice, and be part of the immense branch that is the musical diversity of Mexico.

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